Wednesday, August 06, 2008

胡 钧涤 (Hu Jun Di、Hu JunDi)

胡 钧涤 (Hu Jun Di、Hu JunDi、フー・ジュンディー、フー・ジュンディ)
1962年吉林省 (Jílín Shěng、Jilin Province、きつりんしょう、チーリンしょう) 生まれ。
文化大革命時に胡钧涤 (Hu Jun Di、Hu JunDi) は家族と共に重慶市 (重庆、Chongqing、チョンチン) へ移り住んだ。当時9歳だった胡钧涤 (Hu Jun Di、Hu Jundi) は、その地でインストラクターから絵画の手ほどきを受け、革命後に四川美術アカデミー (四川美术学院、Sichuan Fine Art Institute) で更なるトレーニングを積んだ。
現在は四川省 (しせんしょう、Sìchuān、Sichuan) 在住。

ポストした作品のタイトルは、上から "Autumn Breeze"、"The Umbrella"、"Nature"。

1984 四川美术学院 (Sichuan Fine Art Institute)

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spacedlaw said...

This is truly beautiful.

cha cha 2000 said...

yeah, i think so.
i love the mysterious profundity of those pictures.

Anonymous said...

You can find a large beautiful collection of his original oil and limited edition prints at Hallmark Gallery in La Jolla, California (it's part of San Diego). I was just in San Diego for business meeting, and saw his work in person, it is so amazing. Absolutely gorgeous.

Candy said...

I was at that gallery when the artist Hu Jundi was there. Here is a direct link to their site:
I talked to him, the translator said that he doesn't use models. Wow...

Anonymous said...

Saw Hu Jundi's works and other Contemporary Chinese Artist at Mandarin Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA Great artist and great gallery!