Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Per Zennström × Eddie Pettersson & Valter - La Russe Eternelle -

Per Zennström (ペア・センストローム、ペア・センストロム)

Eddie Pettersson (エディ・ペータソン)

Valter (ヴァルテル)

Magazine: Vanity Teen #7
Issue: March April 2010
Title: La Russe Eternelle
Photographer: Per Zennström
Model: Eddie Pettersson & Valter
Hair&Make-Up & styling by Tony Lundström

Per Zennström
MIKAs KOIVISTO/KARLSSON: VanityTeen "La Russe Eternelle" Hair & Make-Up by Tony Lundström

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Thank You very much for the post !
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