Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Francesco D' Isa Exhibition Information - solo show - @ Museum of Porn in Art

Francesco D' Isaからこてんの案内が届いていたのでご紹介。
スイスのチューリッヒにあるMuseum of Porn in Artにおいて、2009年10月16日(金)20時にオープニングがあり、2009年11月12日まで開催される。

The Museum of Porn in Art presents:
Francesco D' Isa

Francesco D' Isa is an Italian digital artist. He studied philosophy at the University of Firenze.
He's self-taught as an artist, his fascination with visual imagery has propelled him into mastering
the required skills. He published his digital and traditional artworks in many magazines around the
world (like Expose III, Ballistic Publishing, Pixel Surgeons: Extreme manipulation of the figure in
Photography, Mitchell Beazley Art & Design S., Octopus ed., Black magic, White Noise, editrice
Die Gestalten.) he won art prizes and he exhibits his artworks in galleries worldwide (Italy, Germany,
England, USA, Australia, Russia, South America etc). He's founder and owner (Pornpope) of the
porn-artistic collective Pornsaints.


Vernissage: Friday the 16th of October 2009 at 20 p.m. in Edi's Weinstube, Stüssihofstatt 14 in Zurich.

Exhibition: 17.10. - 12.11.2009, Mon.-Thu. from 12.00-24.00 hours, Fri. and Sat.
from 12.00-02.00 hours and Sun. from 14.00-22.00 hours.

Museum of Porn in Art
Art-Media-Production GmbH
Dienerstrasse 16/18
CH-8004 Zürich
Tel. +41/(0)44 296 90 78

Founder of

Francesco D'Isa

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