Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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ポーランド東中部のマゾフシェ県((Województwo mazowieckie)にある首都ワルシャワ(Warsaw)在住。


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cielodeabril said...

hi! theres a very good job in the photos...
are you japanese? I don't know why but I don't think you are japanese...
hey! forgive my bad inglish...I don't remember a lot...
I like the photograf...I would like to be a photograf in a few years
I like every kind of art
I hope you understand me...
well, just want to say that I like so much your very interesting!

see you

cha cha 2000 said...


That's right.I'm Japanese.
I am very glad because you enjoyed my blog.

I like photo, painting, illustration and other art.
Because I do not have creativity, I enjoy the image that others made.
It is an interesting experience.