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Karen Oostenbrink Exhibition Information - DIE HEILIGEN, DIE MÖWEN UND DAS MEER - @ KOMET BERLIN Galerie

1984年オランダ (Nederland、Holland、Netherlands) のハーレム (Haarlem) 生まれのアーティスト。

Karen Oostenbrinkの個展が2009年4月4日から2009年5月9日にかけてベルリンのKOMET BERLIN Galerieで開催されている。

Karen Oostenbrink
会場: KOMET BERLIN Galerie
期間: 2009年4月4日~2009年5月9日

April 4 - May 9, 2009
Opening: Friday, April 3rd, 2009 / 7-10 pm

the saints, the seagulls and the sea

Once upon a time there were saints who could not be satisfied. They had the sense not to be seen, not in their full size. Vain they were, these saints. They saw but only one way to truly be seen: to give oneself to their faith. And thus it came that when the first admirers stopped and adored the saints, they - full of joy - thought their salvation secure. The believers rejoiced and felt as one-eyed kings among the blind, chosen to see the flower that to the others would remain invisible.

But one sees little with just one eye, if he stands in front of the sun looking upon his own shadow. And how big this shadow was. Few flowers are able to bloom in such a shadow. All that the saints once imagined brightly illuminated now withered in the dark. On their way back into the sun the saints faced a dilemma. Their holiness lasted only as long as the reverence of their admirers. Now the saints had to decide: either salvation, or sun. Ultimately they chose the sun and continued on. They found the path difficult; it is not not easy to take one without having to renounce the other.

At this point we meet them, my saints. They outgrew their childhood without growing up; innocence recognizes guilt, however, the guilt is innocent, danger grows and all resistance subsides. But still, they bear one shadow within their hearts. Call them vain, these saints, call them naïve; but genuine is their faith. Now they ask themselves what exactly this faith has brought them - and whether it would not be better to leave it behind in the dark.

On a foggy morning in Berlin above the waters of the Museum Island, between the television tower and the cathedral, between paintings and migrated gods, there they hover. They ascend from the mist and dive back in: the seagulls. How lovely - the desecrated saints think - seagulls in Berlin. At this very moment. But then the sky clears. As true holiness needs no admiration, true faith does not need gratification, since it is fulfilling in itself. It may seem foolish to believe in a sea in the middle of a city. But there are seagulls. And where there are seagulls, there is the sea.

(text by Karen Oostenbrink, February 2009)

Director: Denise Jänig/Sonja Ostermann
Brunnenstr. 165
D-10119 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30 4432 4177
F: +49 (0)30 4432 4178
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday | 12-6 pm

2枚目から4枚目の作品は2008年に制作されたシリーズ "SAINTS"。2009年の作品と著しく作風が違う。色々思うところがあっての変化なんでしょうが、いきなりそこまで行ってしまわなくたっていいじゃないか、と思わなくもないですね。

RAKETE BERLIN - Karen Oostenbrink

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