Friday, September 04, 2009

Alfredo Srur - Familias

Alfredo Srur ()

スペインのバルセロナ(Barcelona)に拠点のある"7.7"というDocumentary Photography Digital Magazine(ウェブマガジンでいいのかな?)からメールが届いた。

7.7 is a Project of the colective of photographers RUIDO Photo, and it is developed independently and voluntarily, with the goal of creating a meeting point and a debate space about the role of documentary photography.

This is a bet for the creation, use and publication of a new channel that is meant to became a reference of an independent, social, critic and committed photojournalism, proposing a photography as a tool to generate reflection and social change.

The team of 7.7 is a group of professionals that works as a collective, sharing the work and the decisions, searching for and horizontality that helps creation and debate.


まずはAlfredo Srurが撮影した"Familias"というシリーズ。

Revista digital de fotografía documental

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