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James Rieck Exhibition Information - This Land is Your Land - @ Hamiltonian Gallery

2009年9月19日からワシントン D.C.のHamiltonian Galleryで個展が開催されるという連絡が届いたので紹介しよう。
個展のタイトルは"This Land is Your Land"。
「我が祖国」という邦題で知られている、ウディ・ガスリー(Woody Guthrie)の有名なナンバーをそのまま個展のタイトルにしている。

This Land is Your Land
Opening: September 19, 2009

James Rieck takes on the “Grande genre”. Like a parade on the 4th of
July, the focus is American history in 7 acts, each painting
commemorating a different stage in her story. (Columbus, Civil War,
Westward Expansion, 9-11)

In the foreground of each composition, two half female figures wearing
provocative costumes of American icons frame a history painting, as a
backdrop behind them, memorializing war or the conquering of the land

Artist Statement:

I began this project with the thought that costumes of American
archetypes are a kind of abbreviated collective history. If they work
(that is if they are recognized as the individual they intend to
represent, i.e. Pocahontas) then we, as a group of citizens, in a way
accept them as main characters. Then I became interested in retelling
America’s story, but through the limited costumes of American icons
designed for adult females (meaning there was going to be no Lincoln
or Washington). History is a costume party where not everyone is

I needed to find the right context for my heroes. War seemed natural,
and the provocative outfits followed with the patriarchal view of the
taking (or raping) of the land. For example, I felt it a good fit to
use Benjamin West’s painting of The Death of General Wolfe as a
backdrop, since it is the quintessential history painting. It depicts
a pivotal battle of the Seven Years’ War, with the passing of the
British commander surrounded by mourners in historically accurate
dress. Framing this death painting with sexy Pocahontas and Uncle Sam
costumes creates a more complex picture about the settling of this

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ポストした作品は2009年制作の"Home of the Brave"。

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