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Roman Drits - Auftakt -

ラトビア (Latvia) のリガ (Riga) 在住の写真家 Roman Drits (ローマン・ドリツ) から写真集を出したよというメールが届いていたのでご紹介。


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Roman Drits のサイトや販売しているサイトでこの写真集"Auftakt"に収録されている写真が公開されており、ポストした作品はその中からチョイスした。

"Auftakt" is the upward stroke made by conductor, a gesture, that comes in the moment when music
does not begin to sound yet. It's a gesture made in silence, but combining full information about time
of performance, tempo and semantic fullness of music, it's stroke and character of the sound.

Auftakt is the instantly disappearing fragment of time that always dissolves in it's own obvious
ephemerality. A moment that exist invisibly at our life and in one time includes in itself paradoxical
opposite feelings. Silence and calmness that can be felt in one second before the storm comprises
the great anxiety. The “Decisive moment” is preceded by the "indecisive" moment, and this moment
interlaces the senses of cold and warmth, pleasures and melancholies, human happiness and
presentiment of loneliness. These senses are presented in everything that can be snatched out from
this world and transferred to the “other world” using the means of photography, the atmospheric
world, which reality, nevertheless, is imperceptibly connected with the present.

The context of time and locations in these photographs is important, but not on a first place -
it's not just the set of visions, but their irrational expression sates every photo with special atmosphere.

This is the visual meditation on everyday's life taken during 2005-2010 using the analogue
technic of 35 mm and 120 mm, and also the mobile's phone camera.

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