Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jody Ake

Jody Ake (ジョディ・エイク)
NY を拠点に活動している写真家。
大判サイズのカメラと昔ながらのテクニックで、 ポートレート、ヌード、静物、そしてランドスケープを撮影している。

Jody Ake creates portraits, nudes, still lifes and landscape images
using the wet collodion process,an historic photographic technique which
involves using a large format camera and glass plates.

Invented in 1851, the method entails coating a glass plate with collodion
and exposing the plate while it is still wet. The end result are ambrotypes,
appearing on glass in the form of a negative until backed by
black velvet, thus rendering the positive image.

Ake is one of a handful of contemporary artists who have revived
this photographic method, hand-mixing all of the necessary chemicals
for each and every exposure.


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