Friday, July 11, 2008 Art Exhibition #2 @ Hotmovies Grand Gala in Philadelphia (USA) が主催するパーティーの中で Art Exhibition を開催するのであなたも遊びに来てねって、お誘いを受けたんですけど、場所、フィラデルフィアなんすよね。なにかい、往復のチケットを送ってくれるってのかい?と言いたくもなるんですが、Francesco D'Isa の作品も展示されるということなので、8月に開催というからちょっと先なんだけど、紹介しておきます。

You are invited as beloved pornsaints to the Art Exhibition #2 @ Hotmovies Grand Gala in Philadelphia (USA). The event is set to take place August 2, 2008 at Transit night club 600 Spring Garden street in Philadelphia. This will be the very first art show in a porn party!

I would love you to cover the event - if you want to be there, please send me your postal address and I'll send you the invites. If not, I can send you our photos / press coverage for your website. Please tell me if you are interested!

We will get a whole lounge/bar to ourselves! That's three walls; 30 ft. 15 ft. and 10 feet. For the party, Hotmovies expects between 500 and 1500 people. There will be studios heads, stars, affiliates, employees, comedians and press. And of course, Pornsaints. will exhibit artworks by:

Francesco D'Isa
Katelan Foisy
Jeff Faerber
Molly Crabapple
Julio Aguilera
Jorden Haley

リンク先が普通にポルノサイトだったため、リンクを張るのも微妙なので興味のある方は ggl。

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