Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amanda Harman

Amanda Harman (アマンダ・ハーマン)

1985年にサリー・インスティテュート・オブ・アート&デザイン(Surrey Institute of Art and Design)を卒業し、ギャラリー、博物館、慈善団体、プライベートの依頼に応じ、様々なプロジェクトに取り組んでいる。

Amanda Harman は自身と写真の関係について次のように語っている。

"I was concerned when photographing in schools and homes to create pictures that would show what I found there. Whilst expression and gesture are the key elements in each portrait, the use of props and the subject's surroundings extend the story each image is aiming to tell. These photographs are not intended to be records of individual lives, rather they are informed, guided and influenced by my own experiences of growing up."


"Girls School, York 1986"
"Girls in Backyard, York 1987"
"Girl with Shopping Trolley, York 1986"
"Girl on Velvet Sofa, York 1986"
"Girl in Fancy Dress, York 1986"

Amanda Harman Photography
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