Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anna Theodora

Anna Theodora (アンナ・テオドーラ)
portrait、portfolio、landscape など。
この作品のタイトルは "I don't want to play alone anymore"。
イトコのマリアナ (Mariana) という少女に写真を撮って欲しいとせがまれて撮影した写真のひとつの様だ。写真に添えられていた text の一部を引用しておく。

"That's 'kid' for you! It's what they do. Kids are full of energy. And sugar. And chemicals.", Dave said, when I told him about my morning that day.
Mariana loved the photos, and had to hold back the tears with the titles I gave to each of them. Hehehe, I'm so evil, I knew that would happen :P

Flickr: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora's Photostream

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