Thursday, June 19, 2008

WHO ARE YOU? Exhibition Information

Galerie Adler New York において、2008年6月26日から2008年8月16日にかけて Thorsten Brinkmann、Boo Ritson、Clarina Bezzola、Hannu Karjalainen の四人のアーティストの合同展示会 "WHO ARE YOU?" が開催される。

各アーティストの作品と共にアーティスト名、生年月日、作品名を併記しておくので興味のあるアーティストがいたら、検索へ GO!

Thorsten Brinkmann
1971 Stuttgart, Germany
Venus del Whitespitz, 2008

Boo Ritson
1969 Surrey, UK
The Sunbather, 2008

Clarina Bezzola
1970 Zurich, Switzerland
lives and works in New York.
Alle Arbeiten stammen aus der Serie Wearable Sculptures, 2004

Hannu Karjalainen
1978 Haapavesi, Finnland
Woman with blond hair, 2006, DVD Video

Faceless Tableaux Vivants
New portraits in photography and video art
Group Exhibition

June 26 to August 16, 2008
Opening Thursday, June 26, 2008, 6 -9 pm

Emerging in early 19th century, the "tableaux vivants" originally were re-enactments of famous pieces of art by actors or models for the instruction and entertainment of the upper class society. In their own way, each of the artists develops this concept further, playing with the idea of "living pictures" and "staged portrait photography", starting out from central themes of paintings and sculptures but translating them in photography, video and performance.

The common theme they work on is the portrait which classically is to display the likeness, status, personality, or even the mood of the person depicted. But what if the portrayed persons do not show their faces, or when they hide their sentiments covered by painted masks, running colour, textile fibre sculptures or all kinds of everyday-life and furniture objects?

Galerie Adler New York
547 West 27th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001

Galerie Adler, Frankfurt am Main


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I love this. Wish I were closer so I could see it.

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I am glad you love it.