Thursday, November 20, 2008


ドイツ西部のフランクフルト・アム・マイン (Frankfurt am Main) にあるギャラリーGalerie Adler で2008年12月6日から2009年1月10日までグループ展が開催される。
前にポスとしたことのある Artists Anonymous や先日メキシコでのグループ展への参加をお知らせした Sigga Björg Sigurdardottir などが参加。

ここでは Peter Feiler という1981年ドイツ生まれのアーティストの作品をポストしておこう。


with Artists Anonymous, Sebastian Gögel, Sigga Björg Sigurdardottir, Peter Feiler, Gordon Cheung

The phantacalifragilisticexpialidocious power of imagination not only can be felt in the magic world of animated cartoons but is present also in the various forms of contemporary art. Confronting fantasy worlds with reality is providing an insight how diffi cult it is to understand fantastic things when they are rated “unrealistic”.

Today, every style that combines the real with the phantasmagoric or mystic is labeled as surrealistic. Thus the unreal claims the same self-evident level of realness as everyday reality which often also seems imaginary or absurd.

The surrealistic worlds of Gordon Cheung’s paintings pull the viewer with their utopian and dystopian power into their spell. Against the background of Financial Times stock exchange columns, well-known iconographic representations establish a direct reference to the overwhelming power and illusion of today’s fi nancial world. Sebastian Gögel’s universe is populated by hybrids which stand between humans and animals in all known and unknown intermediate stages of evolution. Magic creatures emerge in Sigga Björg Sigurdardottir’s paper works, deeply rooted in the belief in the imps, trolls and fairies of Icelandic mythology. Peter Feiler creates complex, confusing paintings; interior worlds are inverted outward. The positive/negative images by Artists Anonymous are controlled by beings that seem to partly have risen from fantasy and to partly pick up characters from comics or emblems of mass culture, challenging at the same time their functions.

December 6 to January 10, 2008
Opening cocktail: Friday, December 5th, from 6 - 10 pm

Galerie Adler Frankfurt am Main
Hanauer Landstraße 134, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany
+49 (0)69-43053962

Galerie fuer zeitgenoessische Kunst, Galerie Adler - Zeitgenoessische und Moderne Kunst

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