Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rachel Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson (レイチェル・ファーガスン)
Sarah Bain Gallery にRachel Ferguson の書いたtextがあったので引用。

Solitude is a form of self protection. It is a place where one can avoid responsibilities to others and deny any need for approval. It allows time to escape from the demands of day to day life. It is simple, contained and still.

My paintings are meant to convey the comfort of solitude, but they also reveal its limits. The figures are confined by the space they occupy and their bodies are rendered inactive by their thoughts. Ultimately, the security their contained poses suggest should lead one to think of entrapment.

My work attempts to communicate both a dependence on solitude and a yearning for some outside force to break it.

loneliness ではなく solitude ということなので、他者からの疎外感ゆえの淋しさを描いたものではなく、自らが望んで孤立した女性や少女を描いているということだろう。


Sarah Bain Gallery - Rachel Ferguson

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