Saturday, November 08, 2008

Julie Beresford

Julie Beresford (ジュリー・ベレスフォード)
パステルや水彩で描かれた作品がほとんどなんだけど、最近は写真や他の表現手段にも興味があるそうだ。で、今回ポストしたのは写真作品で、タイトルは "Where we live"。

Julie Beresford が異なる場所で発表した文章を続けて引用しておこう。翻訳か要約すべきなんだろうが、手抜きモードで原文をまんま引っ張ってきて放置。最初の引用文は からで、その次の引用文は White Image からのものになる。

"I am very interested in several different mediums, including photography, painting on canvas, pastel on paper, and drawing. I like to use line in a strong, bold manner, and use colour the same way. My work is mostly figurative, and my intention is to capture something unique from each of my subjects, and make the resulting piece of art memorable. I am also interested in the darker sides of people’s characters, and of the decay in society in general."

"The majority of my work is based on the female form, and I work from life whenever possible. I am fascinated by the pregnant female belly, and sometimes this is reflected in my work. I often use strong, contrasting colours, and dark or heavy outlines (although not always). I like to crop many of my nudes as I like the sense of anonymity this gives them. Although I mostly paint the figure, sometimes I get the urge to do faces too, usually of people I know well.

My preferred medium is pastel - I love it's expressive qualities - but I have recently been working in watercolour too."
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